Need to Upgrade to Call Manger 8.x, 9.x and Beyond?

Do you have a need to upgrade to UCM 8.x, 9.x and beyond but the price of the Attendant Console is holding you up?  The Cisco Attendant Console included free with Cisco Unified Communications Manager is discontinued in version 8, 9 and beyond. You may have a need for an alternative to the $1,000 - $2,000 per seat recommended replacement. Without a “Plan B” these upgrades can slow down or stall.

If you are reading this you probably have to buy an attendant console to replace the free one that goes away in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8 and 9. Or maybe you already bought an attendant console and the experience just hasn’t been a good fit for your workflow or your budget?   You’ve likely discovered more than just receptionists using the included attendant console “just to see who is on the phone”. And now the attendant console has become an obstacle to upgrading your call manager.   So what’s your plan? Invest in an enterprise console wherever you need one - even for infrequent users? Deploy phone sidecars to display Busy Lamp Field?

Bridge Operator Console is here to help.  Why Choose Bridge Operator Console?

Advantages of BOC

Sample Cost of 100 Clients

Much Lower Cost

Client / Server or Standalone Deployment (More)


Based on $1100 per enterprise, and $695 per business client


Pricing Examples

Server Connector with 10 clients = $2550 USD Total

Server Connector with 20 clients = $4050 USD Total

Server Connector with 3 clients, and 50 Bridge Executive Consoles = $2750 USD Total


BOC Standalone single client (no server ) $1000 USD Total

BOC Connector Bundle with 3 Clients $1500 USD Total

Cisco Shared Line Support

Hunt Group Log In, Log Out

New Innovative Features That Matter (Like Voice/Text Paging)

No CTI Route Points, Uses Cisco Park Positions, like a smart remote control for your Cisco deskphone.

Software Observes and Reports - Answer Calls with handset, wireless headset, SIP soft phones, Jabber etc.

Superior architecture not limited to 25 clients

Single smart search box.  Find who you want quicker.

Ability to view a single department, or custom list of users, not just everyone.

Low Impact - 1 Connection to Phone Server.  This allows us to scale much larger than the serverless only options which wreak havoc on the phone system after only a couple of deployments.

Smart connector automatically sends the correct database queries for the matching CUCM version.  This means you can easily upgrade CUCM without having to do anything to BOC.

Supports Cisco Unified Communications Manager  7.x, 8.x, 9.x and most features on 6.x

Import Data From Your Legacy Cisco Attendant Console Product.

Text messaging and Park Notifications to phones

Voice / Whisper Paging to Phones

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