Exchange Connector

The BOC Exchange Connector allows real time corporate wide status information, contacts, and calendar availability to users without the need to have everyone in your organization running the client software.  It is supported on Exchange Server 2007 - 2016.  It will also work on Exchange Online 2010 or above.  It is an affordable way to help your BOC users quickly answer availability queries from calling customers, vendors, etc. All calendar subjects and bodies are kept confidential with querying users being able to see only the location, free busy status, start time, and return time.


Sample Extension Properties query on user 7001.



The BOC Exchange connector service can run on the same VM or Hardware server the BOC TAPI connector software does, so no additional hardware expense is required.


Exchange 2007 - 2016 and Exchange Online 2010, Office 365, or better.
1 User Account in Active Directory
1 User Account in Exchange
1 Exchange Command Shell command to issue which we build for you based on the information you provide.

Exchange Online / Office 365 users - Use this Link


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