Bridge Operator Console Screen Pop Client

Cisco Screen Pop Client

What Does it Do?

The BOC Screen Pop Client Add-On provides automatic opening of any desktop application or url when a call is answered by the user's selected Cisco IP Phone, CTI enabled Jabber client, or IP Communicator.

Advantage of Screen Pop Applications

Recently a national radio talk show host angrily complained that few call centers these days understand customer service. “Why is it,” he questioned, “that when I call a customer service center and enter my account number into their automated system that I’m asked for the very same information when I’m transferred to a customer service representative? That’s not customer service! That’s customer nonservice!” He’s right, of course. Few things angry callers more than having to repeatedly identify themselves as their calls are transferred within a call center. But beyond caller frustration, call processing costs are significantly higher when valuable time is taken to re-validate callers. Screen Pop technology, built around Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), provides a proven solution. Once callers are identified, their account information can be transferred with their calls throughout the call center. An appropriate screen of data, pre-populated with the caller’s information, is displayed on the Customer Service Representative’s desktop each time a new call is received. Though Screen Pop solutions have been widely available for a number of years, implementation costs have often placed Screen Pops out of the reach of most small and mid-sized call centers. Today, however, affordable Screen Pop solutions provide demonstrable ROI, with payback periods generally measured in less than 12 months.

Estimated Cost Savings

Number of Agents : 12

Average Calls Per Day: 100

Seconds Saved Per Call: 15

Hours wasted Daily: 5

Hourly Rate: $25

Savings Per Day: $125

Annual Savings: $32, 500
Advantage of Our App

Our existing server infrastructure alerts the clients (No Desktop TSP Install Required)

Settings can be controlled by group policy

Program automatically launches and hides in the tool tray

Support for RDP or Citrix without having port overlap

Cost of BOC Screen Pop

Server connector Add-On $1500 USD

Client user $50 USD Each

Example: 12 users is $2100 USD, potentially saving you over $30,000 a year.