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The Bridge Cloud Suite for Cisco Unified Communications offers customers more flexibility than traditional Windows desktop installations. This SaaS suite of apps runs platform independant in any modern web browser. The Bridge Cloud Suite includes the latest generation of Bridge Operator Console, Bridge Supervisor Reports and Dashboard, Bridge Company Directory, and Bridge Cisco Finesse Admin. Click the photo above for more information.

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Bridge Operator Console Attendant Console Cisco

Cisco IVT Tested and Compatible

Bridge Operator Console has passed the highest level of compatibility testing against Cisco CUCM

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IVT Tested Attendant Console Cisco

About BOC

An attendant console for Cisco phone system users is a must. Without one, your employee productivity drops, your customer caller experience lessens, and it takes more resources to handle simple tasks. Bridge Operator Console is the attendant console category king for enterprise customers. It seamlessly integrates with CUCM, Jabber, Skype for Business or Lync, and UCCX/UCCE. Bridge Operator Console takes attendant console software to a new level, with machine learning AI, and a spectrum of features developed specifically for Cisco Unified Communications. Bridge Operator Console is IVT tested and Cisco Compatible, you can trust the products offered by Bridge Communications like the other 30,000+ clients that have deployed our solutions.

Product Details

  • Compatible with CUCM 6.x - 14.x
  • Cisco IVT Tested
  • Phone Messaging and Paging
  • Predictive Transfer - AI
  • Related People
  • Park For
  • Simple and Advanced Mode
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About Bridge Operator Console

Bridge Operator Console for Windows is designed to be a replacement for the Cisco Attendant Console auto attendant product available in Call Manager versions 7.x and below. It allows for full presence from the phone system, Microsoft Exchange Server calendars (with optional Exchange Connector), Microsoft Lync (with free Lync / Skype for Business Connector), and Cisco Jabber / CUPS. By combining all of your company's status information into a single source, the operators can make spit second call decisions. Bridge Operator Console offers full call control functions, such as transfer, supervised transfer, parking, hold, resume, call, redirect, voicemail transfer, etc. BOC also includes the capability to send text messages or voice pages directly to Cisco IP desk phones. A unique feature that leverages the power of the phones is Park For. Park For allows the user to park a call for someone, and have that person's phone notify them of the call, removing the needs for a page, or second call. You can see a full list of features on the bottom of this page.

Attendant Console Busy Light

Product Screen Shots

Bridge Operator Console Exchange Connector
Bridge Operator Console Exchange Connector Flyouts
Bridge Operator Console Exchange Connector
Bridge Operator Console Exchange Connector
Related People Search and Transfer
Bridge Operator Console Exchange Connector Flyouts
Send Text Messages to Desk Phones
Private and Shared Notes Between Operators

Video Tour of Bridge Operator Console

Bridge Predictive Transfer

Artificial Intelligence Guarantees Maximum Efficiency

  • Multi-factor Machine Learning
  • Available in Client/Server and Stand Alone
  • Learns from other users
  • Learns from entire organization
  • Saves time and money

The Predictive Transfer feature leverages much-factor parallel machine learning algorithms to identify the most logical persons or places a caller is trying to reach within an organization. This feature provides the best possible customer service experience by reducing the time between call answer, and call arrival at its final destination.

Languages Supported

Bridge Operator Console 3 has native support for 11 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian interfaces are all built in.

Supported Languages

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Product Features

See who is on the phone, call details, user status. See who has their phone DND'd or Forwarded. Optional Exchange Connector gives calendar status and location. Ability to get status from XMPP (like Jabber) or Skype for Business or Lync 2013 included at no additional charge.
BOC supports call monitoring and control on multiple lines or DNs. Any shared lines are added automatically, and non shared DNs can be added in seconds. BOC has been successfully tested with up to 36 shared lines on a single phone.
Transfer a call, Hold, Resume, Hang-up, Park a call, Park a call for specific person, Transfer call to user's voicemail. Supports multiple extensions on the same phone. Blind and Supervised Transfers
Quickly see who you have called, and who has called you.
Chat with other users on your network without data going over the internet. Auto detect if user is also running Skype for Business or Jabber, and direct chat without leaving the program.
With optional connectors for both Microsoft Exchange, and Google Apps for Business BOC can show live user status based on that user's calendar data. Information is kept blind by default, but gives the operator enough information to know the status and return time.
Update and share your status with other users of BOC, or let BOC share your status based on your Outlook Calendar. Optional Exchange Connector, and Google Connector shows all users status automatically.
Drag and Drop, double click, keyboard, right click, and number pad free form transfer available. Transfer to external Active directory numbers, personal or shared address book numbers. Supports both blind and supervised transfer, as well as transfer to voicemail.
Users can redirect a ringing call for another user back to them. This can be useful when covering for someone, or the need to retrieve a transferred call. Administrators can also setup automatic call redirection at the server level if desired.
Admins can give operators the ability to create inbound redirection rules, to automatically redirect telemarketers based on CID number or name to a destination of their choosing.
Server time controlled call forward. Can be used to forward a phone until a certain time, then it goes away automatically. You can also forward a telephone handset using CUCM hooks from BOC.
Users can easily find other users with global search box. Any part of the users first name, last name, department, title, MyAB category, or extension will result in an immediate filter, allowing easy call handling. You can also with 1 toggle button click, search in only 1 extension group, making it easy to find a user in a department or location when only a first name is known.
Allows right click dialing from email and contacts. Also includes contact ribbon buttons (see graphic)
A shared depository that can be hooked easily to any 3rd party data source as well. Administrators can decided who has write access on the server. Support import from CSV files as well.
A screen allowing you to mix and match extensions shown. Ideal for departments spread across multiple locations. Groups can be automatically built from LDAP, AXL, and manually created for local or global visibility. (includes the ability to import from Cisco's Legacy Attendant Console)
Order the extensions in any way you like and save it as default.
Park a call for a specific user. Their client will notify them automatically of a parked call. Users running the client can call control parked calls for them with the notification screen, including swap a current call with a parked call. If you have configured phone messaging on the server, their IP phone will also make a sound, and display a screen with the park call notification, and option buttons. BOC is also able to send an automatic XMPP chat message with parked call details.
Easily exclude extensions from your display screen.
BOC versions are available on Android smart phones, tablets, and Apple Ipad.
Categorically store mobile numbers, or other number outside the system. Once in search and right click, double click, or drag and drop transfer is available to these numbers. (includes the ability to import from Cisco's Legacy Attendant Console)
See who else is running the client and available for chat / park for.
Connect to any XMPP external chat server, like Google Talk, Jabber, AIM, etc.
You can assign pictures to extensions, My address book entries, Global address book entries, caller ID number, and caller ID names, making it easy to see who's calling.
Optional security that prompts for client login. Administrators can also limit CID visibility, and certain program features.
Email notification, or direct phone screen messages to selected users if someone dials 911 or any other list of selected numbers. Build notification rules for specific networks. If user A dials X on network B, notify user C. Notification via email, phone screen splash, and IM supported.
Displays accurate ringing and talking data on Cisco shared lines. Only shows the answering party as talking. Hunt Group detection, and display is also supported on all lines.
Restrict who can see CID, Forward, and Transfer.
Log of all call control actions that happened in BOC.
After setting up an LDAP connection, BOC can build a global active directory phonebook. This allows quick transfer to objects on a different phone server, cell phones, and emails.
Send voice pages to a single phone, or group of phones. This does not user up a phone line, and won't interfere with any existing call.
Send sms style text messages to a single phone, or group of phones.
Send DTMF digits to an existing phone call, or automate the pressing of almost every button on your phone.
Read names and DND status, Hunt group status, and Call Forwarding status of users from Cisco Call Manger.
Ability to see Skype for Business users presence status, and transfer calls to Skype for Business users. Direct chat from BOC is now supported as well. (requires BOC Status Connector - which is available for free)
Ability to link to any XMPP compliant server, and read user presence. This status will then be displayed for all BOC Clients. Users can be LDAP email addresses, User principal names, or extension@servername. Direct support for jabber chat in BOC is now supported as well.
Install the TSP driver on the client PC and get the call data locally rather than via SQL lookup. Improves speed for local and WAN users. Many times BOC shows the call before the phone rings in this mode. 1 Click TSP Installer Program Included.
When users don't have permission to install BOC updates, an elevated domain or local machine user can be specified in the settings, allowing updates to happen without administrator intervention.
Share button that allows CID and Name info to be sent to a 3rd party application causing a "Screen Pop".
Full call control on Cisco Jabber. Client option to dial from jabber when using a phone as primary.
Visibility of CUCM Hunt Group and CUCM 9 Native Queuing Performance Statistics.
Hide CID visibility for the entire organization, or just individual users, so you can protect calls to the CEO, HR, etc.
Dialing from the quick dial box or any of our address books using SIP Uri instead of a phone number.
Quickly find a user's secretary, assistant, and manager, as well as others who share the same department and manager. This feature is a great time saver.
5 parallel machine learning algorithms display the users most likely to receive the incoming call automatically, saving hundreds of hours a year.
Users have the choice of grid view or vcard view for call handling to end users.
Connects with Dynamics CRM on-prem and Dynamics 365 to provide real-time caller lookups, account and contact details, and one click transfer to account owner capability.