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Bridge Communications Reseller Partnership

Bridge Communications has a clear vision for the future. Instead of reacting to the changing workplace, we plan on driving the innovation that causes that change. Whether it's smarter communication for medical facilities to save lives, or managing your call center from your kid's soccer game, we are building the tools for the modern workplace. Come along with us on this journey, you won't believe what we build tomorrow.

Traditional Desktop Product Resellers

Bridge Operator Console Calltower


Is an affordable Attendant Console solution holding up your valuable sales? Become and Reseller today. We specialize in Unified Communications application development, and we do it well. We do not resell Cisco CUCM, and will never be in a conflict of interest with you, our valued resellers.

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If your organization is unable to onboard Bridge Communications as a vendor but you would still like to offer our products to your customers, take advantage of our distribution channel. Bridge Communications is proud to partner with Synnex for non-partner distribution. For pricing contact your Synnex rep today.

Who Should Be a Reseller

  • Anyone selling Cisco Unified Communications
  • Sellers of Hosted Cisco Voice
  • Sellers in the Healthcare Vertical
  • Sellers in the SMB Vertical
  • Sellers in the Enterprise Vertical
  • Sellers of other Cisco products

Why Become a Reseller

  • Add revenue to sales
  • Get stalled deals moving again
  • Get sales you may not have without BOC
  • Add a great product to your portfolio
  • No cost or minimum sales required
  • Saas Pricing Also Available


  • Close stalled deals now
  • Generate demo keys for your potential customer
  • Assisted web demos
  • Quoting tools
  • Links to all downloads
  • Links to all documentation
  • Get new customers from our referrals
  • In house usage for hands on experience
  • No foreign call centers to deal with
  • No sales commitment or cost
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