Bridge Operator Console Messaging and Paging

Messaging and Paging Features

The BOC Messaging and Paging Add-On allows BOC users to send text messages to Cisco phones. Users can also initiate voice paging to desk phones as well. One to one messaging and paging is included for all users with the normal attendant console purchase. One to many or group text and voice paging is available with the Group Messaging and Paging Add-On.

Available Messages

  • Park For Notification.
  • Call Waiting Notification
  • Call Note
  • User to User Message.
  • User to Group Message. *With Group Add-On*

Call Parking

  • User Instant Message When Call is Parked for User.
  • Group Instant Message When Call is Parked for Group. *With Group Add-On*

Other Group Functions

  • Work on Skype, AD, Office365, and Shard Groups.
  • Send Email. *With Group Add-On
  • Start Chat. *With Group Add-On
  • Schedule Conference. *With Group Add-On
  • Create SQUAT. *With Group Add-On*
Park For Skype for Business
Sample Park For Message.

Park For Notifications

When a Bridge Operator Console user parks a call for a given user, the user will receive an instant message. At this point answering the parked call is as simple as clicking the included message's hyperlink.


  • Reduces the need for paging after park.
  • Makes parking possible in situation where overhead paging is not allowed **HIPAA**
  • Will not interrupt a current call the user may be on.
  • Time stamp notification so they don't pick up a different call an hour later.

Instant Message Includes

  • The time the call was parked.
  • The caller ID information.
  • The message originates from the user who parked the call.
  • A clickable hyperlink showing the parked position, and allowing for 1 click pickup.

Park For Group

Included in the Group Messaging Add-On is the ability to park a call for an entire group of users. The entire group will have visibility to the message and can decide which member should handle the call.

Bridge Operator Console Skype Group Message

Group Park IM

Bridge Operator Console Skype Group Message

Group Message Menu

Park For Instant Message
Send Park For Message on Call Park.

Not Just Skype Groups

Bridge Group Messaging extends the local client reach far beyond user created groups. In addition to those, BOC users can group message and park call for Active Directory Departments, Office365 Groups, and shared BOC groups.


  • Extends far beyond the local client cache limit.
  • Leverages the most from Office365.
  • Groups last as employees come and go.
  • New hires automatically appear in groups.

Ask your BOC sales rep for a free trial of this powerful group messaging Add-On today.

Group messaging
Unleash the power of groups.