Features of Bridge Skype for Business (Lync) Operator Console, the BLOC Connector Server, and optional Add On Modules

Skype for Business (Lync) Presence

See who is on the phone, user presence, all through Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync).   See who is away, available, or busy. Also check calendar status and location. 

Integrated Call Control

Transfer a call, Hold, Resume, Hang-up, Park a call, Park a call for specific person, Transfer call to user's voice-mail or mobile.  Blind and Supervised Transfers.


Fully integrated chat through Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync)

Calendar Status

With our connector for Microsoft Exchange (optional), you can see beyond the Skype for Business (Lync) data, and view a users entire calendar and agenda schedule.  Information is kept blind by default, but gives the operator enough information to know the status and return time.

My Status

Update and share your status with other users through Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync).

Call Transfer

Drag and Drop, double click, keyboard, right click, and number pad free form transfer available.  Transfer to external Active directory numbers, personal or shared address book numbers.  Supports both blind and supervised transfer, as well as transfer to voice-mail and mobile phone.

Ringing Call Forward

Users can forward a ringing call for another user who can assist the caller.  This is useful for people in the same department.

User Searching

Users can easily find other users with global search box.  Any part of the users first name, last name, department, title, MyAB category, or extension will result in an immediate filter, allowing easy call handling.  You can also with 1 toggle button click, search in only 1 extension group, making it easy to find a user in a department or location when only a first name is known.

Global Address Book

A shared depository that can be hooked easily to any 3rd party data source as well.  Administrators can decided who has write access on the server.  Support import from CSV files as well.

Directory Groups

A screen allowing you to mix and match extensions shown.  Ideal for departments spread across multiple locations.  Groups can be automatically built from LDAP, and manually created for local or global visibility.

Custom Sort Order

Users can order and filter the address books by any display column.

Park For

Park a call for a specific user.  Their client will notify them automatically of a parked call via a custom Skype for Business (Lync) chat window with easy reply or 1 click call pickup.

Exclude Extensions

Easily exclude extensions from your display screen.

Custom Address Books

Categorically store mobile numbers, or other number outside the system.  Once in search and right click, double click, or drag and drop transfer is available to these numbers.

Enhanced Security

Restrict who can modify the global address book, forward a user, change presence of another user, modify location objects, modify pictures, modify directory groups, and more.

Actions Logging

Log of all call control actions that happened in BLOC.

Active Directory Phone book

After setting up an LDAP connection, BLOC can build a global active directory phone book  This allows quick transfer to objects on a different phone server, cell phones, and emails.

User and Group Messaging

Send group chats to departments easily, or start a conference call to a custom or ldap group.  Schedule a conference all with a group of internal or external people, and the server will call automatically when it's time, so no one has to remember to start it.

View Forwarding and SimRing of Users

Easily see which users have call forwarding or simultaneous ring enabled.

Forward a user

If given server permission a custom can change the call forwarding of another endpoint.

Change another users presence

If given server permission a user can change the presence activity and note of another user, handy if someone is out sick or couldn't change it on their own.

Elevated Installs

When users don't have permission to install BOC updates, an elevated domain or local machine user can be specified in the settings, allowing updates to happen without administrator intervention.

Sharing of CID Info with Other Applications or URL

Share button that allows CID and Name info to be sent to a 3rd party application causing a "Screen Pop". 

Mute / Unmute

During a conversation you can easily use BLOC to mute and unmute your microphone.

Call Detail Reporting

Look quickly at your sent and received call history.  You can filter by any of the displayed columns as well.

Response Group Queue Monitoring

Monitor the status of a response group queue.  See waiting calls, longest durations, a list of callers and wait times in the queue.

User Defined Call Redirection Rules

Automatically route calls from telemarketers to a destination of your choosing. Fulling controllable permission settings.

Caller ID sharing between Operators

Enable caller-id sharing between operators so they can see who their peers are on the phone with.

Related People

Quickly find a user's secretary, assistant, and manager, as well as others who share the same department and manager. This feature is a great time saver.

Call Recording

Send a Signal to begin recording a call to our free BOC Call Recorder. Recording ends automatically when the call is ended.

Outlook Click to Dial

Turn phone numbers in Outlook message text into click-able links that dial via Skype for Business.

Enhanced User Presence Visibility

See users Simring, Forward Status, Delegate, Team Ring Members, and MWI status (Client Server Only)

Caller History

Quickly see who the last people a caller spoke to. This feature allows operators to speed up calls, and handle higher volume.

SQUAT Feature (Video)

SQUAT - Automatic conference call with selected users when they become available

Predictive Transfer

5 parallel machine learning algorithms display the users most likely to receive the incoming call automatically, saving hundreds of hours a year.

Vcards Display

Users have the choice of grid view or vcard view for call handling to end users.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Connects with Dynamics CRM on-prem and Dynamics 365 to provide real-time caller lookups, account and contact details, and one click transfer to account owner capability.


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