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We have an Attendant Console replacement for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. It runs on Windows, Android, and Ipad IOS. If you own a Cisco phone system, you probably know the included legacy Attendant Console goes away with Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 8 and beyond. You probably also know the recommended replacement lacks essential features, and carries a rather large price tag. If you are planning an upgrade this year, or have found the alternatives insufficient or too expensive, we have an alternative to the $1,500 per seat Cisco recommended replacement. We make an Attendant Console replacement for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x and 11.x. Bridge Operator Console seamlessly integrates with Cisco Jabber, Skype for Business and Lync presence. Bridge Operator Console is IVT tested and Cisco Compatible.

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Bridge Operator Console 3.x for Windows

Bridge Operator Console for Windows is designed to be a replacement for the Cisco Attendant Console auto attendant product available in Call Manager versions 7.x and below.   It allows for full presence from the phone system, Microsoft Exchange Server calendars (with optional Exchange Connector), Microsoft Lync (with free Lync / Skype for Business Connector), and Cisco Jabber / CUPS.  By combining all of your company's status information into a single source, the operators can make spit second call decisions.  Bridge Operator Console offers full call control functions, such as transfer, supervised transfer, parking, hold, resume, call, redirect, voicemail transfer, etc.  BOC also includes the capability to send text messages or voice pages directly to Cisco IP desk phones. A unique feature that leverages the power of the phones is Park For.  Park For allows the user to park a call for someone, and have that person's phone notify them of the call, removing the needs for a page, or second call.  You can see a full list of features on the Features page under Products.


Custom Look and Feel

Size it, skin it, hide entire columns.  Bridge Operator Console 3 was designed with the user in mind.  You can adjust the colors, logos, fonts, font sizes, ribbon visibility, and image sizes to fit the look and feel of your company, making branding and piece of cake.


  • Bridge Operator ConsoleThe Attendant Console for Cisco Unified Communications
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleExchange Calendar Integration
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleMonitor Individuals with Fly-Outs
  • Bridge Operator ConsolePowerful Call Control, Messaging, and More.
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleBuilt in Help, and Remote Support
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleAdvanced Call Lookups and Sharing
  • Bridge Operator ConsolePush Buttons on a Physical or Softphone
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleSend Text Messages to Desk Phones
  • Bridge Operator ConsolePrivate and Shared Notes Between Operators
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleRelated People Search and Transfer
  • Bridge Operator ConsoleActive Directory Searching and Transfers
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New Global Support

Bridge Operator Console 3 has native support for 11 languages.  English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian interfaces are all built in.

Image result for global languages

What's New in Version 3?

The Ribbon - BOC 3 makes use of the Windows ribbon control familiar to MS Office users.  The ribbon will scale and shape itself to fit any size display nicely.  The ribbon can also be minimized and only display when the user clicks on one of it's menu items.

The UI - BOC 3 takes advantage of a latest technology in it's new UI.  In version 3, many of the drawing operations are offloaded to your video card's GPU using DirectX technology, making the program perform the same whether have 10 extensions on the screen, or 1000.  BOC 3 also make use of many new controls giving it a very beautiful, fluid, and modern look.  You can customize the color, font, font size, and corporate logo making BOC 3 look like it's part of your organization.

Expanded Park Information  - Users of BOC 3 will have access to more information about parked calls.  The data now includes; the park position, an optional photo of the caller, the caller number, caller name, when it is going to timeout, how long the call has been in the system, a photo of who it is parked for along with their extension and name, and who parked the call.

Keyboard shortcuts -  The keyboard shortcuts have been reworked in BOC 3.  The F keys have been replaced with a number pad centric set of operations, making it easier to run the entire program without a mouse.

Drag and Drop - Drag and drop has received some upgrades in BOC 3.  The user's can now drag and drop from the hud, or by grabbing an individual call.  Once the call is dropped, the users is presented with the full array of call control options, and an option to use that choice as the default going forward.  Users can also drop calls in more locations, including the parking lot, extensions list, my address book, the global address book, and the location objects.

Double Click - Double click has also received similar upgrades to drag and drop, presenting the user with all the call control choices available when they double click an object.

Easier Setup - BOC 3 has revamped the settings screen to an essential page, and 2 optional pages.  All you need to get the program up and running and the 3 settings on the essential page.  Most of the settings take effect now instantly as well, so you rarely need to exit the program to apply changes.

Languages - BOC 3 has been upgraded from 3 languages to 11.

Personal Notes - In addition to shared user notes in the extensions list, users now have the option to store personal notes as well, visible only to them.

Context aware menus - BOC 3 has smart buttons and menus, that automatically disable themselves when they aren't applicable, and enable themselves when they are, making it almost impossible to click the wrong button.

Direct support for 3rd Party - You can now email, chat with Lync, or chat with Jabber right from BOC 3, meaning you can accomplish most collaborative tasks without having to change to another program.

Speed - BOC 3 is fast!  The combination of the new graphics engine, expanded power of .NET 4.5, and a completely rewritten call query engine, BOC 3 will deliver call status, in most cases ahead of your phone, making it even easier to handle calls.


Take a video tour of Bridge Operator Console


New Feature - Predictive Transfer

The Predictive Transfer feature leverages muti-factor parallel machine learning algorithms to identify the most logical persons or places a caller is trying to reach within an organization. This feature provides the best possible customer service experience by reducing the time between call answer, and call arrival at its final destination. The majority of our test cases have shown 100% accuracy which means operators selected the top identified transfer location presented to them every time.



New and Improved Calendar View

In version 3 we present a cleaner more modern view of the users calendar (with the required Exchange Connector server).  Appointments are still blind by default, showing only the time and availability of a current user.


Dynamics CRM Support

The Dynamics Connector provides operator-centric features required to identify the call, and quickly move the call to the account owner or a member of the team that owns the account. One click blind or supervised transfer to an account owner, or member of an owner team is provided with the 1 click on-demand lookup feature. The caller-id information is cached, so it will be presented instantly without any delay to the operator the second the call becomes active. With the CRM connector Bridge Operator Console can search and match CRM records no matter what the phone number format is. Without the connector lookups can only get done on phone numbers matching the E164 format.



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