Bridge Operator Console Medical Connector Add-On

Bridge Medical Connector

Video Tour of the Medical Connector

Medical Connector

Bridge Communications Medical Connector brings EMR and HMR integration to the Attendant Console. As always, operators can search by specialty, department or shifts but now operators can now transfer callers directly to patient rooms without switching programs or needing direct access to EMR/HMR systems. Lower your HIPAA security exposure and your EMR per seat licensing costs. Increase caller satisfaction and reduce call queue length and operator staffing needs by quickly and accurately moving calls from the operator console to the proper destination the first time.


  • Bridge Operator Console Connector for Skype for Business.
  • At least 1 Bridge Operator Console user
  • HL7 EMR/HMR System


The BOC Medical Connector service can run on the same VM or Hardware server the BOC connector software does, so no additional hardware expense is required.

How does it work

Simplify call flow by enabling the operator to use a single interface to handle calls the same for staff and patient. As an added benefit, you will also enjoy reduced training time and expense. Get new operators and temp operators online and effective in unheard-of speed.

Bridge Medical Connector

Will it work with my system

We support numerous standards based interface options to any EMR/HMR capable of transferring via HL7, direct database access or common CSV-style exports. Patient confidentiality flags are observed and reported to the switchboard console to ensure only appropriate calls are routed. The Medical Add On will interface with most scheduling programs that track which employees are ON CALL. This seamless integration will allow operators to instantly see which doctors, nurses, or other employees are on call at a given time, making call transfer simple.

Bridge Medical Connector

Secure Messaging Integration

By utilizing the technology of OnPage or TigetText secure paging Bridge Operator Console can seamlessly send messages to any supported OnPage device. This makes it possible to replace antiquated pager systems with modern technology and reduce the needs to multiple messaging applications on your operator's desktops.