Bridge Operator Console Profile Switcher for Skype for Business

Quickly and easily change Skype for Business profiles

See it in Action

Switching Skype for Business profiles is now quick and easy. Just click on the photo or name of the profile you would like to connect and as, and S4BSwitcher will do the rest.

Filter the visible profiles by name or domain easily by using the search box.

Delete a profile quickly by clicking on the delete icon at the right of the profile.

Profile Switcher Icon

About Profile Switcher

Troubleshooting Skype for Business often requires the ability to log in and out as various users. S4BSwitcher is a free profile switcher designed to make this process easy. With a modern graphical interface, switching profiles is as simple as clicking on the picture or name of the user you would like to log in as.

Product Details

  • Modern Graphical UI
  • Passwords stored with encryption
  • Easy filtering by name or domain
  • 1 Click profile removal
  • Client cache deleter
  • Save and open profile files if separation is desired
  • Quick profile add panel
  • Works with Skype for Business or Lync 2013
  • No profile limit
  • Automatic Update
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