Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console

Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console

The Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console is designed as a compliment to our Bridge Operator Console. It is designed to give non-receptionist Lync/Skype for Business voice users added functionality like full call control, easy transfers, supervised transfers, call parking visibility and much easier user searching.


Features Include;


Full and Easy Call Control

Supervised Transfer Capability

Park Calls For Others (Park For)

Visibility of Shared Parking Lot

Related People Visibility

Organizational Searching (Emails From Caller)

Auto Prompt to Join Meetings

SQUAT Automatic Meetings

Dynamics CRM Integration

Allow Users to Change Your Presence *

Allow Users to Join Your Calls *

Allow Users to View Your Calls *

Allow Users to Redirect Your Calls *

Allow Users to Change Your Note *


Bridge Boss-Admin is the perfect program to compliment your Lync/Skype for Business voice deployment.


* Users must have permission granted by you, and be running Bridge Operator Console.

Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console Main


Designed for Skype for Business and Lync
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ISV Data Sheet

ISV Mini Case Study



With rich features, built in reliability and an affordable price, the Bridge Communications Boss-Admin Executive Console is a ‘must have’ addition to any Lync/Skype for Business implementation.

Giving your users the control they need increases productivity, improves customer service and drives ROI fast.


Feature Comparison


Client / Server

Stand Alone

Full and Easy Call Control

Supervised Transfer Capability

View / Manage Your Parked Calls

View / Manage Others Parked Calls

Related People Visibility

Organization and Local Exchange Contact Email Searching

Voice Mail Manager

Audio Call DND Toggle

Conversation History

Allow Others to Change Your Presence

Allow Others to Change Your Note

Allow Others to Silently Join Your Calls

All Others to Redirect/Transfer Your Calls

All Others to View Your Calls

Horizontal or Vertical Tethering to Skype4b/ Lync Client

Call Recording

Optional Dynamics CRM Integration

SQUAT - Automatic conference call with selected users when they become available (Video)



Enhanced Call Control

Skype for Business Call Control

With a single click you can blind transfer, or supervised transfer a call to anyone in your groups, or any person or number you search for in the search box. In addition to transfer, you can park a call for a user, and automatically notify them of the park with a quick retrieval link. The selected call can easily be put on hold and retrieved. WIth the optional connector for Dynamics CRM, users can automatically log incoming and outgoing call activity, with smart lookup for accounts, contacts, or leads. User's can also screen pop to over 10 CRM object types directly, forever tying Skype for Business and Dynamics CRM together as one.

Supervised Transfer Options

Skype for business supervised transfer


Organization Searching

Lync Skype for Business email searching

With Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console you can find all email communication with the caller or caller's organization in just seconds. BA BEC is able to search Exchange or 0365 hosted Exchange folders of your choosing using lightning fast technology. Organization search also lets you view attachments in any discovered email. You can also define the folders and how many days back you'd like the searching algorithm to go, to enhance speed and performance. This is the perfect sales or help-desk add-on for every Lync/Skype for Business user. In addition to organization search, we also have direct exchange contact search, with priority control, so no matter where the data is stored, we'll get it for you fast.


Related People

Skype for Business Related People

Related people lets you instantly see other users that are related to any Lync/Skype for Business user in your organization. It is built into the main menu, call control window, and our search box. You can find others to help a waiting caller by instantly seeing a user's manager, secretary, or assistant. We also display people who share the same manager, people they manage, people who share the same title, and people who share the same department.


Extended Parking Lot Visibility

Skype for Business Call Park

Combining the existing Skype For Business/Lync Parking Lot, and our own stored shared data, Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console gives your users unprecedented visibility and control of parked calls.


You are in Control

BLOC BEC Settings

With custom settings you are easily able to decide which other users can assist you with your calls, and modify your settings.

Never Miss a Meeting

With automatic meeting prompts, you can join a meeting with a single click. Whether you have your email client running or not, you will never be late for a Skype for Business meeting again.

Custom Placement

Shown here in horizontal mode

Google Places

With Google Places support, users can search and find company information. With one click users can make a call, see a map or visit the website of any match. With a free key from Google, each user can search up to 150,000 times per day.

Outlook Add-In Available



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