Template Reply Products

Getting Started with Template Reply

Main Screen - From the main screen you can easily insert a template at the top of either a new message, or message reply. You can also create or manage both categories and templates.

The top menu provides shortcuts to helpful videos and tutorials. It also contains a link to purchase a 1 year subscription.

The templates section in the middle allows you to prepend any template reply or message to the top of the open email.

The bottom of the screen contains links to the categories and templates management pages.

Categories - Categories are how your email templates are grouped. Imagine your are a customer service rep, you may group your replies to Sales and Support, depending on the response required.

The Your Categories section allows you to delete or share categories you have created.

The middle section allows you to add a new category.

The bottom section allows you to manage categories that have been shared with you by others.

Templates - Templates are the messages that are automatically inserted. Templates are webpages in HTML format.

The top section allows you to manage templates you have created.

The bottom section allows you to add a new template.