Template Reply Products

Template Reply is an add-on for Outlook that allows any organization to send uniform replies to commonly received emails. Instead of your employees replying to customers with different sets of signatures, now uniform replies with the latest data will be instantly at their fingertips.


  • Direct Outlook Integration
  • HTML Formatted Templates
  • Share Templates with a Single Click
  • Easily Customize the Message Before Sending
  • Settings Follow You


  • No More Managing Individual Signatures
  • Present a Uniform Message
  • Updated Template Reflects Instantly for All Users
  • Reduce Employee Training Time and Setup

Professional Services

  • Creation of custom template ($75 USD Each)
  • Changes to existing template ($25 USD Each)
  • Template hosting ($25 / Year / Template)
  • Whole Enterprise Pricing and Licensing Available

If you are in the business of customer service, you need Template Reply. Template reply is perfect for CSRs, sales people, account managers, help desk engineers, managers, human resources, and any other employee that responds to email questions.

Template Reply

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How Much Does it Cost?

The Template Reply mail add-in is available for $5 a month per user, billed annually. Purchases can be made directly in the app. Each user can try the app for 60 days prior to purchase.